Head Office 

Address : 17-01, Jalan Pendidikan 3, Taman Universiti, 81300 Skudai, Johor, West Malaysia. 

Tel           : +607 5206679 

Fax          : +607 5202264 

Email      : jci_import.export@yahoo.com 

Website : www.jci-concept.com

In order to satisfy every needs and requirements of customers and users, we continuously improve, research &
develop our uPVC pipes and fittings for soil, waste, ventilating & rainwater down pipe system, our sizes available
from 1-1/4" ( 36mm ) to 12" ( 315mm ).

We have miscellaneous uPVC fittings and accessories for soil, waste & ventilating pipe system like Upgrading
Fittings for switching from Cast Iron Pipe System to uPVC Pipe System without having to remove all Cast Iron Pipes
by hacks. Another is MF Fittings ( or Spigot Fittings ) which allow you to tailor your fittings yourself in order to suit
your specific needs where FF and MF fittings can be fitted together without relying on pipe to be connected and
become special fittings.

In addition, we are experienced and specialist in uPVC Soil, Waste, Ventilating & Rainwater Down Pipe System of tall
buildings and large mansions like apartments & condominiums. Some of these mansions using our uPVC pipes and
fittings for 20 years which is high pressure water flow and subjected to prolonged UV exposure.