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uPVC Underground
uPVC drainage underground (sewerage) pipe system always become the first choice in the industry compared to
other material pipe system due to several benefits and features :

  • Resistance to corrosion uPVC pipes and fittings exhibit excellent resistance to corrosion. Unlike metallic pipes
    and fittings, uPVC will not corrode even if subjected to long term exposure to waste water. Due to its non
    metallic nature, the material used is totally resistant to all forms of metallic corrosion. Aggressive water
    resulting from high sulphate soils and low hardness of water will not attack uPVC pipes. Our pipes are
    therefore resistant to a wide range of industrial waters and chemicals and can offer an advantage in the long-
    term systems life and manufacture costs.

  • Low flow losses Because of their smooth internal surface, uPVC pipes have minimum flow head loss. There is
    also no build-up of inside deposits, a particular advantage in ther construction of sewerage systems. Corrode
    internal walls also disrupts water flow.

  • Weather resistance Our uPVC pipes and fittings are formulated with additives to enhance its weathering
    resistance. There are negligible impact to its mechanical and physical properties even if subjected to prolonged
    UV exposure.

  • Easy Installation Installation is quick and easy with a complete line of fittings either with the solvent glue weld
    sockets or the rubber seal sockets joints. In either case, a leakproof joint is assured. Subsequent maintenance
    work is also carried out with a minimum of complication and costs.