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WC System ( Water Closet System ) is toilet flushing system which flushes waste away in order to keep our place
odorless and clean, that is related to our daily life. WC System is improved and become advanced day by day, it will
be an annoying and troublesome day without function and service of it. Thus, a good flushing system becomes an
important part to provide convenient, hygienic and comfortable toilet experience.

WC Flushing Cistern play an important part in WC system and it is a simple yet complex mechanical box. From its
functions, it just needs three main parts to function and they are water inlet part, water outlet part & flushing part.
However, malfunction of one small part may lead to leaking or water flushing failure etc due to the nature of water.

Our Plastic Flushing Cistern has been tested for leak-free and well function with stringent quality control program
and product design to reduce all possible risks. We provide Push Button Plastic Cistern, Front Lever Handle Plastic
Cistern, Pull Handle Plastic Cistern & miscellaneous sanitary wares for complete WC System.