Head Office 

Address : 17-01, Jalan Pendidikan 3, Taman Universiti, 81300 Skudai, Johor, West Malaysia. 

Tel           : +607 5206679 

Fax          : +607 5202264 

Email      : jci_import.export@yahoo.com 

Website : www.jci-concept.com

JCI is the abbreviation of Jeffrey Consolidated Industries where from the name itself has interpreted the definition and
belief of the founder Jeffrey who has a concern and emphasis on the relatedness among the industries. JCI was established
as a family based business located in Malaysia and its value chain & system has been growing and integrated.

Long term cooperation and coordination relationship and continuous improvement are the critical success factors in this
strong competitive and rapidly changing business environment. Thus JCI believes trustworthiness and good working
culture have to be established and cultivated to create such stable and strong value chain & system.

The main products of JCI are uPVC soil, waste, ventilating & rainwater down and underground drainage (sewerage) pipes
and pipe fittings. JCI uPVC soil, waste & ventilating pipes and pipe fittings are approved by SIRIM Berhad (Standards of
Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia) which determines principles of standardization in light of Malaysia accelerating
industrial development and ISO (International Organization for Standardization). In order to satisfy requirement and needs
of customers, JCI has expanded, invested and participated in other water piping systems and solutions like water pressure
piping systems including uPVC pressure pipe system, ABS pressure pipe system, PE pipe system ( HDPE, MDPE, LDPE ), WC
flushing system, sanitary products and other accessories for various application in water and building industries.

JCI develops and continuously monitors programs of quality system and procedures in aspect of innovation, production
scheduling, quality assurance testing, warehouse management, delivery & logistic, financial management, customer
management etc. from internal management to customer satisfaction with its unique sustainable success management.       
JCI insists on providing services to the customers in more professional manners, thus it endeavors to improve quality, stick
to the customers and integrate the similarities in order to satisfy wide market requirements.